Dear colleagues: 

Our reputation is the most valuable asset we have. We earn it every day with the decisions we make. Each of us has a duty to preserve it, making the right decisions and doing the right things —for our clients, our communities-, within the framework of the law and our professional responsibilities.

Making the right decision is not always straightforward or simple. Laws are not always clear and sometimes they conflict. Legal standards differ. The rules apply beyond the borders of the countries that enforce them, creating extraterritorial rules at odds with local practices. Business pressures tempt some to cut corners.

We have developed The Aegency Code of Business & Professional Ethic to ensure that each employee, model or anyone working with us knows the principles that should guide us in the decisions we make and the way we behave. The Code explains in detail our legal and ethical obligations and responsibilities in different areas. It provides a guide on how to act in the absence of clear and specific policies.

We hope that you will read this Code and abide by our principles, policies, and standards. We also encourage you to seek guidance when you have questions about the Code or its application with any of our directives.

To the extent permitted under local privacy and employment laws, we expect you to report any known or suspected violations.

We all share in the benefits of The Aegency’s good name. We also share the responsibility to preserve and protect it. Thanks for doing your part.


Rob Chamaeleo

Guiding Principles

  1. We are competitive, but we compete fairly. We treat customers, suppliers, competitors, and ourselves honestly. We do not engage in bribery or allow anyone to do so on our behalf. We do not do business with family, friends, or companies in which we have a personal interest.
  2. We protect the information that has been entrusted to us. We have access to sensitive and confidential information. We must maintain those confidences using both discretion and available technology to protect them. In no way do we act on or share inside information.
  3. We are responsible for what we do. We are responsible to each other for what we do and do not do: for the quality of our advice and service, for the integrity of our decisions and actions.
  4. We do not do business with discredited characters. We have a legal and professional obligation to know our clients and to refuse to do business with those involved in illegal or corrupt activities or with those whose source of funds is suspicious. We must carry out a due diligence process before we start working for a client.
  5. We are honest and transparent. Our word is our commitment. We are honest in our dealings with clients and with each other: with everyone with whom we interact. We keep accurate and timely records of our work and time. We bill according to the standards and agreements to which we are subject.
  6. Uncompromising about quality. Our reputation rests on the quality of our people, advice and service. That means we must assign the right people to each issue, give them clear and sufficient instructions to do the right things while they work, and supervise them appropriately to make sure they do them right.

About our code of conduct

Our Code of Business & Professional Ethic applies to everyone who works or is related to The Aegency and it’s affiliates. We expect those with whom we do business, including our suppliers, to honor these principles.

What is expected?

The Aegency has high expectations in particular for partners, scouts, bookers and those in managerial positions. They are expected to lead by example, create a culture of ethical behavior, and contribute to an environment in which those they supervise are familiar with the Code and comfortable seeking guidance and reporting suspected Code violations.

How do you decide?

The following sections of our Code explain the compliance obligations and standards of The Aegency in different specific areas. Many of these standards are a starting point, and do not refer to specific local laws, regulations, and professional standards, which you also need to consider and adhere to.

You may run into situations for which The Aegency does not have a policy or standard. Or you may not know for sure if a policy applies to the facts presented to you. If that’s the case, ask yourself these questions to help you make the right decisions and do the right things:

  • Does it violate the law or professional ethics?
  • Is it inconsistent with the letter and spirit of this Code?
  • Can it harm The Aegency or damage its reputation?
  • Can it cause physical, emotional or other harm to someone?

If you can answer “no” to all of these questions, you are probably on the ground insurance. If you say “yes” or “I’m not sure” to either of them, seek guidance.

What are the penalties for violations of the Code?

Violations of our Code, our policies, or the law may result in disciplinary action, including termination, or involuntary retirement in the case of employees or models. Perpetrators may also be subject to civil or criminal penalties. Keep in mind that you are responsible both for what you do and for what you observe or learn that others do. If you do not report a violation, you may be subject to disciplinary action, even if you were not directly responsible for the act. This applies especially to those who exercise supervisory responsibilities.

What do we believe?

About people

We are committed to the diversity and inclusion of our members, the support and development of their talents, and the dignity and safety of our work environment.

Diversity and inclusion

The Aegency was founded on the idea of ​​diversity. Since our inception, we have strived to promote a respectful and inclusive environment that encourages diverse individuals to advance personally and professionally, as full contributors to the success of The Aegency and the customers we serve. We do not allow or tolerate discrimination in our company. This means:

  • All decisions about personnel must be: a) respectful of differences between employees and potential employees, b) based on factors relevant to their ability to perform the work they do or are expected to do, and c) conform to all applicable laws and regulations.
  • This includes decisions regarding recruitment, hiring, assignment, compensation, training and development, promotion and termination of personnel, as well as other terms and conditions of employment.
  • Applicable local laws, which we adhere to, vary, but differences we strive to overlook in personnel decisions include race, color, creed, religion, citizenship, national origin, ethnic and / or cultural background, age, sex, gender, gender identity / expression, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy and disability.


We do not tolerate harassment in our company. This applies without prejudice to whether the person harassed or who commits the harassment is an employee or not. Harassment involves a pattern of abusive and demeaning behavior (such as, but not limited to, verbal abuse, sexually explicit or derogatory comments or images, mimicry, unwanted touching, or lewd or offensive gestures or jokes) that someone did not request or invite, which the harassed person reasonably considers undesirable or offensive. Harassment can also take the form of intimidation, such as when an individual or group seeks to intimidate, demean, humiliate or belittle co-workers. Such harassment can take place inside or outside the office, or through social media.

Harassment violates the law in many jurisdictions when its content relates to any of the protected characteristics of the victim. However, The Aegency’s policy applies to all forms of harassment, so you can take action when deemed appropriate against those responsible for the harassment, even if there are no specific legal protections for the person harassed.

Healthy and safe work environment

We are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe work environment in all offices or in any place where our businesses are conducted, including professional business meetings at any meeting place. All types of dangerous, abusive or violent behavior, or the threat of such behavior is prohibited and will not be tolerated. This means:

  • We must behave in a safe manner, following all applicable safety laws and regulations.
  • We strictly prohibit the sale, possession, distribution or consumption of illegal substances and the inappropriate use of prescription drugs in our workplace or work enviroments. Working under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that compromise your ability to work safely and effectively is a violation.
  • As appropriate under local law or custom, it is permitted to consume alcohol responsibly and in moderation at events that are sponsored or authorized by The Aegency where alcohol is served.
  • Firearms or other weapons are not allowed on our premises, unless required by local law or job responsibility (eg, a security officer).

About relationships with competitors

We are committed to compete fairly and with integrity, based solely on the quality of our people, advice and service; never in unfair practices. This means that:

  • We do not make misleading or vilifying statements about our competitors.
  • We strictly comply with antitrust laws, which generally prohibit discussing or signing agreements, formal or informal, related to activities that may restrict competition. Examples include: fraudulent bid rigging, pricing, or the division and allocation of specific market territories with competitors. Even discuss the fees that we charge, or the discounts we give, can be a problem if we speak to someone from a competing agency.

If any of these topics come up when talking to a competitor, stop the conversation immediately and inform the founder AE Concept Store.


Protection of confidential information

As members of The Aegency, either as employees or models, we have access to sensitive confidential information. Our customers, business partners and suppliers believe in us largely because of the confidence they have that we can and will maintain the confidences they share with us. At the same time, many of us need access to The Aegency’s confidential and proprietary information in order to do our jobs.

It is our responsibility to maintain confidentiality and protect such information, from customers, business partners and suppliers and from The Aegency, except that its disclosure is specifically authorized by The Aegency, permitted in accordance with the rules of professional responsibility to which we are subject, or is required by law. This means:

  • We are expected to be cautious when discussing sensitive information on a mobile phone or with a co-worker in public places, such as elevators, airports, restaurants, trains, buses, and airplanes, or in other open areas.
  • We must be careful not to leave documents with sensitive information where an unauthorized person can read them, including empty desks or on copying machines.

Privacy and personal information

We are committed to the responsible handling of personal data and in compliance with all applicable laws. Personal data includes, among other things, any data that can be used to identify or locate individuals, such as names, dates and places of birth, addresses, emails, social security numbers, driver’s licenses or other government identification numbers, social media accounts, and data related to such identifiers, etc. This means that we as The Aegency, and as individuals insofar as our duties involve the use of such data, must:

  • Understand and adhere to the privacy laws and regulations that apply to any personal data in the jurisdictions in which it is entered, processed or used.
  • Inform others and ensure compliance with the privacy policies of the contracts we sign, as well as the privacy policies required by customers, suppliers and others whose data we use, process or have access to.
  • Collect and use personal data only for commercial purposes.
  • Use “anonymous” data (eg with names removed and not identifiable) or “aggregated” data (summarized so that it is not identifiable with a particular individual) to the extent possible.
  • Limit access to personal data to those individuals who need it for legitimate business purposes.
  • Take extreme care to prevent unauthorized access to the processing of personal data or the accidental loss of the same.
  • Immediately notify a supervisor or the Legal Director of The Aegency, in case of noticing any unauthorized access, acquisition, disclosure, processing or use of the personal data that we have.

Dealing with the media

Relations with the media are an important part of building awareness about the strengths and abilities of our company. They are a key component in enhancing and protecting our reputation. However, dealing with the news media is not without risk. So it is important that we approach media relations carefully.

Only authorized individuals can speak or respond to media concerns on behalf of The Aegency. The founder is the only one who can speak to the media about sensitive topics and matters of concern to the entire The Aegency.

This policy also prohibits providing relevant non-public information to another person for this other person to trade on the basis of the information for their benefit.

Preservation of documents and records

We are expected to maintain records in accordance with the legal and business requirements that are specific to our profession. To preserve the integrity of the recordkeeping and reporting systems, all partners and employees are expected to be aware of and comply with all applicable local recordkeeping policies and procedures. This includes how the data is shared, archived and retrieved, and the circumstances under which it is appropriate to dispose of it.

Modification and destruction of records are specifically prohibited in the following circumstances:

  • When prohibited by law, government regulation, or The Aegency policy.
  • When there is an unavoidable governmental, regulatory or contractual requirement
  • When you become aware of or suspect a subpoena or other document requirement, a regulatory investigation, or a lawsuit.

Destroying, altering or causing the destruction or alteration of documents for illegal or improper purposes is prohibited. The records include, but are not limited to, photocopies, electronic files, and audio and video recordings.

This contitues the entirety of the Code of Business & Professional Ethic of The Aegency. Every person working with us is expected to understand this document and clarify andy doubt that might emerge from it.


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