Are all runway walks the same?

No! There’s many ways you can walk, it all depends on what the client might ask for. The pacing, expression, the length of the steps – all runways are different. We recommend you watch the latest runway shows for reference. Many designers prefer a simple and slow walk, but you’ll always have to be preparerd for difficult requests. A great example of a strong walk is Leon Dame for Maison Margiela or Yasmin Wijnaldum for Brandon Maxwell.

It takes time.

The best models on the runway didn’t learn in 24hrs. You’ll have to practice daily in order to develop a style. We recommend you walk in front of a mirror or record yourself in order to keep track of what you should work on.

Still unsure about your walk?

We can help you! You can contact Bennett Arias, our runway coach. Please send him a video of your current walk at and you’ll be getting feedback as soon as possible!