Work Visa

When entering a country to work, it is very
important that you have your work permit.
The requirements and the process may vary
depending on the destination and the
nationality of the model.

Requesting a work permit

Once the contract is signed, the foreign agency will send us the documents, which will be forwarded to you to start the work permit application.

It is important to know that this procedure is the responsibility of the model, we as an agency take care of sending the documents to you, but the process is carried out by the person requesting the permit.

To find out about this process, we recommend you to call or check out the website of the embassy of the country corresponding to your foreign agency.

Pocket money

Once you arrive in the destination country, you can consult with your agency if they can give you pocket money if needed. This is cash that the agency lends you, which is later deducted from pending payments.

Model Apartments

The model apartment is a space that most agencies usually offer, in which models from other countries stay for a while. It can be a good option to start since in most of these you do not have to pay rent directly and the payment is deducted from future jobs.


According to the dictionary, a tearsheet is: a sheet or page torn from a magazine, newspaper, or similar. It works as proof of publication.

¿What are tearsheets for?

In other words, tearsheets are all the material that serves as proof that the model works professionally as such. Within this section, digital or printed images of the model that have been published in newspapers, magazines, websites, e-commerce ads, etc. are collected. It is important to have all this material saved, in case the model wants to work in the United States.

Tearsheets for work visa

If your modeling career began in the United States or if you are from the United States: you will not need tearsheets added to your modeling book.

But if you are waiting to be placed in any modeling agency in the United States and you are coming from abroad: tearsheets are required for the placement department to attach within the visa application.

Ejemplos de Tearsheets